In India there are 5 holy Shiva shrines (five holy Shiva pilgrim centers). They are  Varanasi (Benarus -  It is on the banks of holy river ganges), Kedar (In North India ), Srikalahasti (Near Tirupathi of Andhra Pradesh) , Sri sailam (In kurool district of Andhra Pradesh) and Pattisachala kshetram. (In west godavari district- Andhra pradesh).  It is on a hillock in the middle of the river Godavari) ( Kshetram means “holy pilgrim” center). This pattisachalakshetram is in another name called as pattiseema. Seema means holy place or land or area where Gods reside. In pattiseema lord “veerabhadra swami along with divine godess Bhadrakali ammavaru laid found, In Andhra Pradesh. It is in Andhra Pradesh, west godavari district very near to polavaram village situated in the center of perennial river Godavari waters at ”Devakutadri”(Neeladri) (A place where Gods and Goddesses stay and assemble like mount Olympus in Greece). In the form of a huge “Shivalingakara”. Veerabadraswami lingakaram is nearly 6 feet height, goddess Bhadrakali’s height is 5 feet. This kshetra is in another name called as veerakshetra also. The “Kshetrapalaka” (the lord of holy shrine) is lord Sri Mahavishnu himself with “Bhuneela sametha” (sametha means along with, Bhuneela means Godess of both Earth and Sky. So this kshetra is called Hari Hara Kshetra(the holy shrine for both Vaishnavates and Shivates. (Two principal sects in Hindu Religion).

         Inscriptions deciphered, it is built by chola kings in 11th century. Chola kings(once great rulers of chola dynasty ruled south India)(there are three famous dynasties ruled south India . they are chola, chera and pandya rulers ruled south India in ancient and medieval periods of Indian history)


While sage Gowtama bringing holy river Godavari (there are two major rivers in Andhra Pradesh, one is Godavari the other is Krishna) from Nasik Triambaka of Maharastra state (a major state in India linking both north & south culturally). On the way of it’s course, it strucked by a huge mountain which is within the control of a demon called paapi. Sage Gowtama with his “Taposhakti” (great holy strength acquired in deep meditation) made split the mountain into two pieces vertically, to pass the course of Godavari. It is believed and said in puranas(holy scriputers). These hills are within the control of a monstrous demon paapi, so these are called “paapi hills” which named after him.

        This is a worth seeing place for its beauty and serenety. Environmentalists and ecologists are worrying and afraid of that these hills are going to be submerged in the construction of " polavaram" Dam

Note: Rajahmundry is well connected with several express and super fast express trains all over India.

* From Rajahmundry to Pattiseema is 25. K.m distance. Number of buses and private cabs ply from Rajahmundry to Pattiseema.

* From Bhimavaram to Pattiseema tourists have to travel (via) Kovvur. From kovvur to pattiseema is 22 K.M distance

* Tourists and visitors who wanted to visit " Pattiseema Temple" should reach Pattiseema by 6’ O’clock a.m.

             There is tourist A.C boat to travel from pattiseema to paapi hills (starts at 8.30 a.m). Boat returns from paapi hills to pattiseema at 7 p.m.  Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Entertainment provided in tourist boat.

* Tourists have to reserve their tickets in advance. There is heavy rush on weekends and on public holidays.

                                       Boat Details (all boats start at around 8.30 to 9 a.m. & Return at 7.30 to 8 p.m

Boat Name Seating Adult child (below 12) Extra facilities
Vihari 50 400 Rs 200 Rs Extra 20 members can be accommodated - 200 Rs per person
Punnami A.C 100 400 200 Extra 50 members can be accommodated - 200 Rs per person
Nandini A.C 40 400 200
Aswani Non A.c 50 300 150
House Boat (A.P Tourism) Non A.C 40 300 150

*Double Bedroom (non A.C) boat can be provided for 10 to 15 persons only. Per a head 1500 Rs.(Two days & a Night)

*Special packages for High school students, College Students & Corporate offices

                                        contact for more... : G. venkat ratnam. (ph: 94 90 11 11 75 )

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