A Saint, Sage, Scientist, A Man of Devine Bliss, A Great Humanist, Philosopher
                                  Dr. Swami Jnanananda                                                                                   As a Philosopher
 Dr. Swami Jnanananda                              D.Sc. (Prague)
                                                                    Ph.D ( Liverpool)
                                                                    F.Inst.P. (London)
                                                                    Member Sigma 11 (U.S.A)
                                                                    Goutami Professor
Born In 1896
Last Breathe In 1969
                         Head of the Department of Nuclear Physics & Investigator - In-Charge Research Projects Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India Andhra University-Waltair - Visakapatnam-3 (A.P)

           He was born on 5th December, 1896. His father's name is Sri Bhupatiraju Rama Raju & his Mother's name is Smt. Sita Devi. The name of his birth place is Goragana mudi (Garagapuram) Bhimavaram Taluk, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

As a Philosopher
In the teens of his life after spending only a few years in the schools, he left for Himalayas to spend his time in deep study of Religion and Mystic and Spiritual Yogic practices. After doing so for a number of years he came down to the plains. Then, He left India for Germany where he used to hold lectures on Indian Mysticism and Philosophy to friends who were interested in the subjects. The rest of his time during his stay there, he has taken to studies in Mathematics, Theoretical and experimental Physics, and a couple of other branches of science in the college of Science and Technology, Dresden. After acquainting himself with these braches, He began to take up research in High Tension and X-ray Physics at the Charles University, Prague. There extensive work had been done in X-ray Spectroscopy and a number of papers were published on the subject. The Degree of Doctor of Natural Science was awarded by the same university in the year 1936. At the beginning of World War 2, He left Germany and reached England where he joined the University of Liverpool to under take researches in Nuclear Physics in the Sir James Chadwick Laboratory of Nuclear Physics. After doing a few years of work there, he was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the University of Liverpool for doing research in the Spectroscopy of Beta-Radiations and for developing a Beta-ray Spectrograph. During that period a book on High Vacuaa was written which was afterwards published by D-Van Nostrand Co., New York, U.S.A. After spending 5 years in England he left for U.S.A. Where he carried on extensive work on Spectroscopy of Beta-radiations. Then he returned to India in the year 1947 December and joined the National Physical Laboratory of India., Delhi. as the Assistant Director-In-Charge of Electricity and Electronics Divisions. Then in the year 1954 he joined the Andhra University where he was Head of the Department of Nuclear Physics. A number of papers have been published from 1954 onwards. His work was being carried on various projects and some publications were also given out. During this period a new work entitled " The Elements of Nuclear Physics" has been written and it was being published by the Andhra University. The work was expected to come out as a Text-Book before the end of December 1961. The Great Scientist Dr. Swami Jnanananda name and fame spread beyond continents .though he was born as villager becomes a Global Scientist. We people of Bhimavaram proud of the Great Personality Dr. Swami Jnanananda.
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