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As a Philosopher
Swami Jnanananda's letter to his "Gurudev"

                                                                                                              To the Master


"My beloved Lord!

          I remained and continued my "Tapasya" (deep meditation in order to get God's bliss). in a jungle near "Aharbal water fall". This jungle being 12 miles away from the nearest post office. I was unable to send even a single card to you as I used to feel for my helplessness. But the feeling is a source of constant consolation to me. It was my pleasure to have the idea of sending a letter of success of the long delay to express my gratitude to reveal my heart for your grace.
         I was of a very firm belief that I would be able to send such a letter, for, on the one hand your grace had descended upon me, and on the other, your blessing "Sivamastu" (God bless thee) would never prove to be useless and false. I am with the energy of your grace and strength of your blessing. My Lord! at last standing and looking forward as a man of success and as your disciple . Oh! How happy an I to calll myself as your disciple. Also I am extremely happy to send you this letter of sweet success. Now I happily place the feeble description of that "State of Samadhi feel & experience" (Bliss of eternal knowledge as did get by Lord Buddha in Bodh Gaya under pipal tree) before your holy lotus feet.

         At last after returning from the above state of "Siddha Samadhi", there appeared on my mind's screen the scene of some Gods, especially Lord Krishna along with my 'Gurudev". I heard "Jaya jaya dhwana" (Hail the Lord Krishna a midst of ringing bells). Those beautiful forms and the sweet sounds are slowly and gradually faded away and vanished in the feeble light and the buzzing voice before coming to the physical world. Once again appear the existence of this physical world. - Jnanananda

Note; Through this letter to "Gurudev", Swami Jnanananda reveals his real experience of God's bliss-as an immortal Saint in this spiritual world. This proves how great as a saint in this spiritual world. Swami Jnanananda is!

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