Dr. Yellapragada Subba Rao - A Medical Reasearcher, Inventor of Life Saving Medicines, A Noble Doctor
Name Dr. Yella Paragada Subba Rao
Father Name Y. Jagannatham
Mother Name Y.Venkamma
Date of Birth 12-01-1895
Born BHIMAVARAM , West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Hetragen A remedy medicine for filaria (Elephantiasis) and Isnophelia
Inonex A remedy medicine to T.B ( Tuber culosis)
Methotrexate, Aureomycin A remedy medicine to prevent blood cancer in children
Tetracycline A Remedy medicine to cure Cholera, Typhoid, plague & Dysentery
Folic Acid vitamin A remedy medicine to cure "Sprue", a spreading disease that spread in tropical regions

About : Dr. Yella Pragada Subbarao was born on 12th JAN 1895 at BHIMAVARAM (West Godavari District) Andhra Pradesh State, South India. His father Jagannatham worked as Revenue Inspector. He blessed with Seven children. Subba Rao is the fourth one among the seven. Inspite of many hardships he continued his education. Though facing acute poverty he got succeeded to get a seat at Madras Medical College (It is now in Chennai -Tamilnadu state, INDIA) ( Chennai is the new name to MADRAS). He wanted to be a doctor, and he wish to be a saint too, in order to serve the society through "Ramakrishna Mission" ( Ramakrishna mission is founded by Swami Vivekananda, a Great saint who made an inspiring speech on Universal Brotherhood and Religious Harmony at CHICAGO in world religious conference). But by the mounting pressure from his parents he got married with "Seshagiri" a distant relative to Yella Pragada's family. Who hailed from "Anaparthi" village ( A village in East Godavari District, A P, INDIA) on 10th may in 1919.

            He was very much influenced by Mahatma Gandhi during freedom struggle ( Mahatma Means great soul), (Mahatma Gandhi is the father of Indian Nation). In non co-operation movement, He wore Khadi clad (Hand spun clothes) and went to college. In medicine, though he passed all subjects with good marks. But he was given lesser marks in Surgery awarded, by an Anglican partial racist professor. So he was awarded L.M.S instead of  M.B.B.S Degree

           His elder brother Purushottam and another brother Krishna murthy both were dead of "spru" decease. He was deeply effected and moved by these untimely deaths. He decided to invent a medicine to prevent and cure "Spru" decease, with the help of a non governmental charitable trust of Kakinada ( A costal town in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India) in 1923 September he set sail for U.S.A. After his arrival to U S A, his wife gave birth to a male child in a couple of months. His nine months child was dead of a dreadful decease "Sappi" (Herpes). In liveried poverty he continued his studies at "Boston", by doing petty jobs. He got professors appreciation and won many scholarships

             For the first time in the history of medicine Dr. Yella pragada Subba Rao's name came to lime light in 1924, with the association of professor Pesco . He invented " Rapid calorie metric method " to estimate "phosphorous element" in human cells in easy and accurate. This method is named after the two researchers "Pesco-Subba Rao method ". Later he identified with " Adenosis tri phosphate" which is the root matter to the power of muscles in body. He proved this is the root cause for physical movements of life. With this innovative research he proved Noble Awardees researchers research in 1922 was went wrong. He proved this with clear-cut research and analysis. Though he made a great research of worth, he was not awarded Noble Prize.

              In 1930 he got his doctorate (PhD) from Harvard University, U S A.. Though he was great researcher in medicine, he never run after awards. In recognizing his great dedicated research thence "LEDRLE" Pharmaceutical Company appointed him their director. Even some of his invented anti biotic medicines named after him as "Subbo Mycin", "Subburo Mycin" by ledrle to honour Yella Pragada with love and affection. He continued "Ledrle's director" till his last breath.

               In the year 1948, on Aug 9th Yella Pragada died of a massive heart attack. On his death the American Press praised him as 21st century's forerunner medical researcher, life saver, and a doctor to remember to the future generations.

                He is the heart of millions of people. Though the countries not recognized his services in a deemed fit manner, People did and do. Millions recall him as their life saver. The invented medicines are gifts of God in the human form. As a great doctor, As a life saver, Medicinist, Researcher, he reached the heights and the peaks of the mighty Himalayas


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